Healthcare is one of the most important aspects of our society. While universal healthcare is a top priority amongst the US government, no matter your age, race, gender, or employment status – in the United States you are entitled to some form of public health and wellness care. This is a vital aspect of our daily lives, as no matter who you are or what your life’s circumstances might be, you have a right to be cared for when you are sick, injured, or recovering from some type of accident or injury. As the top public health law practice in NYC, Mangan Louis Law Firm prides itself on being an advocate for those individuals affected by the public and private healthcare system in New York State. Over the years, their team has been able to help countless clients dealing with a wide variety of public healthcare issues, and allowed them to not only get the health and wellness care they deserve but also to obtain justice, in times when their healthcare rights may have been violated in some way.

What is Public Health Law?
Public health law is a field of legal practice in which, advocates or attorneys, such as Mr. Michael Mangan, and Ms. Cybele Louis, two of the top public health lawyers NYC has to offer, take on issues involving the government’s authority and duties as they preside over the healthcare system in New York and beyond. The government, in essence, must ensure the health and wellness care of all citizens, and across the US, individuals have a right to “be healthy” – as a duty of their government. Public health law isn’t an easy field to practice, as it takes a wealth of knowledge, and experience to deal with the intricacies of our complicated and often convoluted healthcare system in the US. With years of experience, the team of attorneys at Mangan Louis Law Firm understands the ins and outs of public health law, which has allowed them to help clients attain the absolute best outcome, within countless cases. This not only allows them to get the health and wellness care they deserve as a duty extended to them by the government, but to also get justice in the face of such rights being violated or infringed upon.

Public Health Issues
Anytime the legal world involves the government or overlaps with government agencies things can become quite tricky, as you are in essence, fighting an uphill battle, against entities that play an integral role in the creation and administration of such laws. Dealing with public health is also difficult as it deals with finding the correct balance between the authorities, their duties to the people, and the individual’s right to receive care while maintaining things like autonomy, privacy, liberty, property, and any of their other legally protected interests. When it comes to the specifics of public healthcare issues, there is a broad spectrum, and it can range from the smallest of issues over interpretations of the law to larger more involved matters involving reforming public healthcare policies, social justice, and ethics of health and patient care. One of the best examples of a public health issue that has made its way into our everyday lives is the mask mandate for NYC employees, as a result of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it might be an issue with an employer, government agency/institution, or even the city as a whole, the mask mandate and other issues surrounding Covid, have led to several legal disputes and issues these past few years. And the team at Mangan Louis has been there to help victims who have suffered some form of damage as a result.

The Legal System & Public Health
Considering the current climate of today’s world, post the Covid-19 pandemic, issues of public health are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and having seen such issues play out in such a devastating fashion has called many to look for reform, and helped others to take a much more active interest in the topic of public healthcare. As the top public health attorneys, NYC has in practice, the team at Mangan Louis can use the law in their favor and help clients dealing with public health issues to attain the best possible outcome for cases. Using different statutes, regulations, and their experience in litigation, they have been able to help clients dealing with issues involving infectious disease control, occupational health & wellness concerns, on/off job injury prevention methods, emergency response and preparation reform, food safety, and quality concerns, and much more. For more information on public health law, or if you have a public health law concern that has affected you or your loved ones, be sure to contact Mangan Louis today and find out how we can help you.