Catastrophic person injury cases are a form of personal injury claim in which there is often a far greater amount of risk and damages at play. In many cases, these damaged may end up being quite speculative and open to debate, therefore, these types of cases aren’t always taken on by everyone in the personal injury law field. Mr. Louis Mangan, Esq. and his team have taken on a number of catastrophic personal injury cases and been able to help victims of negligence to attain millions of dollars in damages as well as the justice they deserve.

What is Catastrophic Personal Injury?
It’s important to understand that a catastrophic personal injury claim can come about from nearly any type of accident or situation, and there is no legal definition of what makes something a catastrophic injury. however, in most legal circles the term generally refers to cases in which the victim suffers significant injuries that might result in long-term or even permanent disability, disfigurement, or both. Some of the most common examples of catastrophic injury cases include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Paralysis – Quadriplegia or Paraplegia.
  • Serious Facial or Body Disfigurement
  • Loss of limbs or the ability to walk.

In the majority of cases, this will mean that the victim will require care for a very long time or even the rest of their lives. Some of the most common examples of such care include recurring surgeries, long-term use of assistive devices (ie. wheelchairs, canes, other medical devices), the need for an adaptive living environment (ie. Living in a special facility for the disabled, use of a wheelchair ramp, etc.), or the need for an in-home caregiver or home aide.

Loss of Work or Ability to Earn Wages
In the majority of such cases, the individual who is the victim of such catastrophic injury issues will no longer be able to return to their prior line or work, or may be unable to work in any capacity at all. This will further increase the amount of compensatory damages that may be attained by the victim. In such a case, the plaintiffs and their attorneys will have to prove that there is a limited likelihood of the victim returning to work, with the help of qualified medical experts.

One of the most common aspects of such a case, is that the amount of damages may be so great and can be so speculative, that it might require help from some kind of a professional to determine how this injury or accident has affected the victim over their lifetime financially and otherwise.

Caps on Damages
The fact is that in most states, for certain non-quantifiable damages such as pain and suffering there are caps that can be put on the number – meaning that an individual can only assess their emotional pain to be worth so much in terms of monetary damages. These caps however, cannot be placed on actual damages. Therefore in such a catastrophic injury claims, in which a victim might be so greatly damaged that the quantifiable damages for such things like lost income, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and other expenses, that the individual may now have to incur for life, can result in a number that is exorbitant.

Contact an Attorney Immediately
It’s important to understand that in any personal injury claim, timeliness is a vital aspect to acquiring the most evidence against the defendant and important to making a strong case. however, in a catastrophic injury case, things can often be extremely delayed, due to the actual recovery of the victim may take months or years, at least for them to be in a state where they might be able to file a lawsuit or attend legal events. In such a case, its vital that those around the victim seek out the counsel of an experienced catastrophic personal injury attorney immediately, such as Mr. Louis Mangan. He and his team will make all necessary arrangements for the filing of the lawsuit, and work with the victim and their representatives to get all the vital details and pieces of evidence needed to file such a case. This is vital, if you wait too long valuable witnesses to the incident may move on, and no longer be in contact, valuable pieces of evidence may be lost, and memory recollections of individuals involved may not be as credible or clear.

Don’t Let Justice Escape You!
Its important to understand that a catastrophic personal injury can put you and your loved ones in a compromised position for the rest of your life, and drastically damage your ability to survive. This is why its vital that you act fast, and seek out the right legal counsel to help you get the justice you deserve, as well as compensatory damages to protect you and your loved ones for the rest of your life, and give you the best chance to make the recovery you want. For more information on any form of a personal injury claim or catastrophic personal injury claims, be sure to contact the Law Offices of Louis Mangan today.