Whether it involves a criminal court case or a civil court proceeding, appeals are a common part of the legal process and something that most clients should familiarize themselves with. According to the team at Mangan Louis, one of the top legal appellate practices in NYC, the appeals process in both state and federal courts, has helped millions of individuals to correct mistakes within the legal system, and obtain their freedom even when their initial case may have unfairly gone against them.

What is an Appeal?
Appeals may occur in both civil and criminal cases, following the initial trial, or the dismissal of a case – often in an instance, where a motion for a summary judgment has been granted by the courts. In some cases, the individual or entity who came out on the wrong side of the judgment may have the ability to file for an appeal and attempt to have the decision overturned. Appeals can be thought of as a last resort for many individuals, as it allows them one or more opportunities to have their case heard in front of a judge and jury. It’s important to understand that you do not have unlimited appeals, and if yo exhaust your appeals you can no longer file any. In some cases, if an individual has exhausted their state appeals, they are entitled to seek a review or appeal through the federal court system. However, not all issues can be appealed as easily as others, and when they are accepted for review, the appellate court can apply a standard of review by which they will judge the case. As one of the top appellate attorneys NYC has to offer, Mr. Michael Mangan and his partner, Ms. Cybele Louis at Mangan Louis have helped countless individuals in need of appeals to obtain justice in the face of the steepest odds.

How Can an Appellate Lawyer Help You?
The appeals process and appellate law as a whole are quite different from conventional legal representation. While it’s all the same legal process to prove someone’s innocence or absolve them from liability, it can become quite a stressful situation as it can often be the individual’s last recourse to obtaining their freedom. According to Mr. Mangan, the best appellate lawyer NYC has in practice, attorneys representing clients on appeal must be meticulous in their efforts, and thoroughly examine the entirely of the legal record, including any trial transcripts, evidentiary materials, prior motions, and the first thing they must do is to identify any basis that might be present for an appeal. To appeal a decision or the court, your attorney must give the court a valid reason, whether that might have been the ineffectiveness of their previous counsel, new evidence, mistakes that might have been made in the previous trial, or other issues that might have occurred. Being an appellate lawyer takes a strong oral and written skillset, as well as a hardworking nature, as there is often a lot more work that goes into the process than any conventional case. The strength of the appeal often rests on the quality of the written brief your attorney presents to the court. In addition, those attorneys who have a thorough practice team, that can assist with things like research, analysis, and contacting witnesses generally make the best appellate attorneys as they will have the resources needed to take on such issues best.

The Appeals Process is Different for Everyone
The fact is that like any other case, but particularly when it comes to appellate law, it is highly dependent on the specifics of each individual’s case. Depending on whether it is civil or criminal, and the severity of the punishments that might be possible, individuals may have a difficult time even obtaining an appeal. therefore, if you are going through the legal process, and may need an experienced appellate attorney, be sure to contact the team at Mangan Louis Law Firm today.